Magic Night - Necklace

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Length: 48cm (18.8in)*
Weight: 119g

Necklace “Magic Night” - Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz Crystal, Lava Beads and Black Pearls.



Black Onyx- makes its owner energetic helps to concentrate energy and directs it in the right direction. It gives its owner power, power over people, attracts success, strengthens the spirit, allows you to penetrate the plans of others. Therefore, it is risky to give to mother-in-law, wife or lover, as it may increase their leverage in the family. (Beauties, we will buy it for ourselves). 

Black Lava- will give strength and protect from bad, negative people. 

Clear Quartz- brings good luck, wisdom, peace.

Pearls- emphasizes your advantage. 



*Available for alterations, free of charge.

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