"Yellow blue roses "headband (hair band)

Lesia Vizir

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Hair accessory in yellow and blue colors. Roses are made of eva foam. Placed on a metal base. Fixed with hot glue. The length of one rose is 3 ". The accessory is suitable for both a child and an adult.

The accessory is also made to order. The production period is 4-7 working days. Delivery of goods on Saturdays.

Please note, this hairband is not factory. All petals and leaves I made by hands from EVA foam material.
Unlike real Flovers, EVA foam Flovers:
- Do not crumple
- Do not be afraid of rain and sun.
- Pleases with a touch because of.
- Easy to clean. You can wash any dirt with warm soaps.
Handmade flowers can not be repeated in 100%.
Please note they the colors on the screen may differ from the actual color.
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