Wild Roses - Set

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Necklace Length: 45.5+7cm  (18+2.75in)*
Weight: 133g                                                                

Bracelet Length: 18.5+4cm  (7.25+1.5in)*              
Weight: 26g                                                           

Earrings Length: 33mm                                
Weight: 6g                                                    

Necklace “Wild Roses” - Porcelain Beads, Garnet, Pink Agate Raw Faceted Beads (biggest 26x26mm), Mother of Pearl, Brass Accessories.

Pink Agate-
a symbol of good luck. It is believed that the longer you wear pink agate, the better it works.
Garnet- the stone with the most powerful energy. Helps to achieve goals and not lose enthusiasm. Needed by every traveler, but also by those who want to find true love.

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