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Length: 52cm (20.5in)*
Weight: 173g

Bracelet Length: 20cm (8in)*
Bracelet Weight: 25g

Set “Galaxy”- Denim-Blue Sponge Coral, Clear Quartz Crystal, Black Lava, Antique Silver Plated Slavic Ethnic Pendant 37x 30mm, Antique Silver Plated bead 12mm. 



Coral - The magical properties of coral are well known and appreciated. The person who wears jewelry with it becomes bolder, more confident, and when worn for a long time - discovers talents, his intellect increases. A real mascot for travelers.

Quartz. It is known that all quartz are ideal space cleaners!

Black Lava- Helps to live in harmony with yourself. Helps a person to have confidence in their abilities and helps to determine their dreams and goals. A person begins to feel more intuitive, understand the signs of destiny and begins to pay attention to their hidden talents.

In addition, the bench helps very well in business, giving a person intuition to certain steps, confidence in the right direction of forces and actions.


*Available for alterations, free of charge.

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