Christmas set of utensils (2 person)

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Christmas set of utensils (2 person) /Різдвяний набір (2персони)
This pottery ware are handmade and wheel-thrown using a brown stoneware clay. After the piece is placed into the kiln to undergo its first firing. The pottery ware are is then glazed and enters the kiln for its second firing. After it comes out of the final firing, it's ready to find a new home with you!

Reduction fired to 2360 degrees. (F)

Dishwasher and microwave-safe stoneware and intended for everyday use. 

The set includes:

1 makitra (poppy grinding bowl)  (size: diameter 8 in, height 5.5 in)

1 pot with lid (size: diameter 4.5 in, height 5 in)

1 jug (size: diameter 4.5 in, height 8.5 in)

1 fish  plate  (size: length 7 in, height 1.5 in, width 4.5 in)

1 candler with handle (size: height 4.5 in)

2 personal plate (size: diameter 8 in)

2 dessert plate (size: diameter 6 in)

2 bowls (size: diameter 6 in.,  high 3 in.)

2 glass (size: diameter 3 in, height 4 in)

The number of personal items can vary according to your order. By personal things we mean 4 products: a glass, a bowl, a personal plate, a dessert plate.  The cost of additional personal items + $ 70 to the price of the whole set.


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