DIY Diamond mosaic set "Roses"


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Diamond needlework is an exciting hobby !
Stones: square (2.5 mm * 2.5 mm).
Filling: complete.

Size: 30x40 cm (12 x 15.7 " approx.)

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- Organize a place to work. It should be smooth, spacious and well lit.

- Take the set out of the package. Release a small piece of the circuit from the protective film. We recommend peeling off as much as you can do at one time.

- Get acquainted with the colors and symbols to them.

- Go directly to the calculation of diamonds. Pour the diamonds of the desired color into the tray and with the help of a glue pencil put the diamonds in the right place.

- After finishing work on the peeled off piece, pass to another and so to the end of work.

- Put the finished product in a frame. (frame is not included)

The set for needlework includes:
Canvas on an adhesive basis with the scheme
Diamonds, packaged by color in numbered bags
Glue pencil and glue to it
Diamond tray


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