Motanka with Pumpkin

Anna Bruzha

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This charming doll is not only a testament to Ukraine's rich cultural heritage but also a symbol of love and protection.
Whether displayed as a work of art or given as a heartfelt gift, it will bring a touch of Ukrainian tradition and warmth into your home.

Individually handcrafted using the ancient Ukrainian technique of winding without the use of stitches or needles, each Motanka doll is a true masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship. The absence of stitches allows these dolls to embody a sense of purity and authenticity, making them not only stunning decorative pieces but also symbols of heritage and skill passed down through generations.

Beyond their intricate craftsmanship, Motanka Dolls hold a special significance. According to Ukrainian folklore, these dolls are believed to bring both wealth and health to their owners. As 'home keepers,' they become cherished guardians of your well-being and prosperity, making them a meaningful addition to your home.
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