Ukrainian traditional beaded necklace (sylianka) “Hutsulska”


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Ukrainian traditional beaded necklace (sylianka) “Hutsulska”: 
- Czech glass seed beads 10/0
- dark blue velvet ribbon 
- length of the beaded product - 10.23 inches (26 cm)
- length of the dark blue velvet ribbon - 39.37 inches (100 cm)
- width of the beaded product - 1.03 inches (2.6 cm)
This type of necklace is typical of the Ukrainian region of Hutsul in the southeasternmost part of the Carpathian Mountains of Galicia, Bukovyna, and Transcarpathia. This region is inhabited by Ukrainian highlanders called Hutsuls. Women in this part of the country used to wear colorful handmade  jewelry, which they would passed down from generation to generation as a family treasure.
This necklace can also be a beautiful adornment for your hair!
🕊Omnes ad majorem Dei gloriam!
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