Pennant "Tryzub"


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Pennant "Tryzub" , two-color on a sucker of 11,0 cm * 8,0 cm

The base of the pennant is made of two shades - blue and yellow, in addition, in the center is a trident of Ukraine. The pennant is flat in the center, by the end both sides are slightly beveled, forming a sharp end. On top of the pennant there is a small hole for lacing. There is also a blue lacing with an attached suction cup. The advantages of such a pennant include:

1. Execution in high quality.

2. Bright, stylish shades of execution.

3. Reliable seams.

4. Possibility of installation in the car.

Thanks to this suction cup, this pennant can be placed in the car and attached to a glass or mirror.

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